Thermal imaging leak detection

Thermal imaging allows us to be one step ahead and identify the source of the leak.

Leaks can often go unnoticed causing all sorts of complications to your property. Our team will also locate the source of the leak and deal with it accordingly. Infra-red thermal imaging leak detection identifies temperature variations to locate the source of a leak and all affected areas. This technology can be effective in detecting faults in piping which then means we can deal with the issue accordingly. Our team has experience in using thermal imaging technology when dealing with leaks so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Thermal imaging is effective on both commercial and residential properties making it a great solution to any leak.

By investing in thermal imaging leak detection over the old-fashioned digging and drilling of holes, you can spare unnecessarily damaging your property and save time. Our team can prevent leaks from spreading and causing major damage and malfunctions on your property by detecting their source and fixing them. We are on hand 24/7 meaning you can call us at any time of day in the event of a sudden leak.

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