Megaflo is a globally renowned hot water system products provider, offering high quality hot water systems and essential components for both residential and commercial properties alike.

A market leader when it comes to hot water performance, Megaflo can turn any shower into a joy with high quality water pressure and precise temperature control, guaranteeing great comfort for the user. At Trojan we can supply a wide range of Megaflo products for your property, benefiting your existing hot water system and ensuring that your home has the high-end hot water system it deserves.

We offer experienced installation with our Megaflo products, making us a great one-stop service provider for all our customers. Our team of professionals has great knowledge of Megaflo products and can install them as well as repair them with ease. There are many ways in which your property can benefit from Megaflo product installation. For example, an enhanced hot water system as well as a higher flow rate for hot water delivery are just two of the many advantages of these products.

One of the key features of Megaflo products is that they have an installer friendly design ensuring ease of installation. Another feature is their fantastic durability and strength thanks to a Duplex steel construction. If you are seeking advice regarding your Megaflo product, or you are considering purchasing one of these products, speak with one of our team members today to receive unrivalled advice backed up by years of experience, helping you make the best decision for your home.

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