Immersian Heaters

Immersion heaters ensure that in the event of your boiler breaking down or malfunctioning, your household will still have access to hot water regardless.

Immersion heaters are essentially electric water heaters found inside hot water cylinders where it heats up the surrounding water. Immersion heaters have their own power sources which they are connected to through cabling.
These heaters are suitable for use as the main water heater on your property and are ideal as a backup water heater.

There are many pros of using an Immersion heater on your property. For example using an Immersion heater is a good way of having a backup in the event of a failure with your central heating system and or your hot water boiler. Some of the newer immersion heaters have a thermostatic control integrated meaning they will switch off automatically when they have heated the water to your desired temperature. Another benefit of having and using this type of heater is that if the insulated jacket is of high quality, the heater will keep the water warm for up to a few hours after it has
been switched off.

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